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On a night in with her hot girlfriends, they decide to watch a film while her male friend takes advantage

Preparing the popcorn for them all to sit down and enjoy the movie None of these hotties even notice a naked guy creep in He starts pulling down their panties to find the best ass Checking their pussies are as tight as their hot asses

After all of her hot friends from college said that they were going to come round so they could all sit down and watch a new DVD release together, Brandi was ecstatic that she was going to get to spend some quality time with her friends, but what she didn't realise was that her housemate was still in and when he saw some horny young nymphos in his front room, he couldn't stop himself from taking advantage of their sweet bodies.

None of the girls even mind, they are too enthralled This guy starts jacking off in front of her face She finally notices and starts giving him a hand on the dick These girls still manage to give great oral while not looking

As the girls all stared forward, watching the film and not really paying attention, he slipped into the room and began to check out their fine bodies. It didn't take long for them all to notice him but they really didn't care about a hot stud circling around them and as he began feeling their hot bodies, they got turned on and encouraged him to keep going further until he got naked and started preparing them for the hot sex he was gonna give out.

A great point of view shot showing how good her blowjob is Brandi gets on all fours to make it easy for this stud to fuck her The girls don't realise that he has came in their popcorn It's funny to see the cum dribbling down as she munches down on it

Little did these girls know that once they had finished having sex with him, jerking him off as well showing off their oral skills, he would bust a huge load of semen all over the popcorn that they were all taking turns in eating, so you can watch as they all unsuspectingly take massive mouthfuls of sperm in each bite and wonder why it is a bit salty compared to normal, but they just keep on eating.

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